Buying A Property In Spain – Mijas

Welcome to Mijas, the enchanting town nestled in the southern region of Andalusia, Spain. With breathtaking views of both the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Mijas is a place that’s hard not to fall in love with. Not only that, but it’s also an ideal location for those on the hunt for attractive properties.

Town is ideal for investors seeking a dream home or apartment. Precious town provides various affordable housing options. This attracts global real estate investments. Wondering why Mijas is a popular property destination? Discover six reasons below! Perfect for property purchases along the beautiful Costa del Sol coastline, Mijas is a highly sought-after destination.

Mijas – the charming pearl of Andalusia.

Mijas, one of the most renowned cities in Andalusia with a history that dates back to the Phoenician and Roman times. The city’s perfect weather and fertile land made it a hot spot for settlements and economic development. In the 19th century, it was one of the most prosperous municipalities in Spain, known for agriculture, fishing, paper production, and mining.

But that’s not all – Mijas has reinvented itself in the 20th century as a top tourist destination! Thanks to its stunning beaches, delectable cuisine, and plenty of entertainment options, Mijas is now a go-to place for travelers and investors from all around the world.

And let’s not forget about the town’s unique geography – it’s split into two parts. The inland town (Mijas Pueblo) is situated in the mountains, offering some of the most picturesque views of the area, with its characteristic white streets and stunning viewpoints. Meanwhile, the coastal area (Mijas Costa) boasts gorgeous beaches, luxurious hotels, and mouth-watering food.

So whether you’re a history enthusiast, beach lover, or just want to indulge in some of the best cuisine and entertainment, Mijas has something for everyone. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination!

If you’re considering investing in real estate in Spain, you might want to turn your attention to Mijas! This charming mountain town is often referred to as the “White Village” because of its whitewashed buildings nestled on the hillside of Mijas Pueblo. But there’s so much more to this place than just its striking architecture! Below are some compelling reasons why you should invest in a property in Mijas.

Mild climate

Location boasts a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters. With over 300 sunny days per year and an average annual temperature of 20°C, it’s the perfect place to lead a healthy lifestyle. Spend your free time soaking up the sun, exploring the town’s landmarks, taking a stroll through the mountains, or just enjoying the breathtaking views. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 28°C, while January is the coolest with temperatures around 15°C. For investors who plan to rent out their properties, these ideal weather conditions attract tourists year-round.

Excellent connectivity

You can find excellent transport links to other cities like Marbella or Estepona, making it an ideal location for business. The town is only 30 kilometers away from Malaga, which boasts one of the largest international airports in the country. You can fly from Malaga to Warsaw in less than 4 hours, making it an easy trip for investors who frequently travel between Poland and Spain.

Affordable property

Prices despite being located on the luxurious Costa del Sol, Mijas offers attractive property prices. According to Idealista, the average price per square meter of real estate in Mijas in January 2023 was 2,440 euros. You can find cozy apartments, townhouses, and exclusive villas with swimming pools. Apartments with terraces and patios in a tranquil neighborhood are highly sought after by investors. These properties are usually located in gated communities with amenities such as a pool, gym, sauna, or sports field. Prices for these properties start at 200,000 euros. Townhouses in modern, functional housing complexes with a garage, pool, and terrace can cost between 400,000 and 600,000 euros. For those looking for luxurious living, you can find stunning apartments and villas with private pools and solariums surrounded by lush greenery. These properties can fetch prices starting at 800,000 euros. You can also find cozy apartments located in a friendly neighborhood, close to supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies. You can expect to pay at least 120,000 euros for such a property.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Mijas is comparable to that of Poland, whether it’s a villa, apartment, or townhouse. This is great news for both investors and people looking for rental properties. As for food expenses in the nearby Malaga area, they are as follows:

lunch for one person in a cheaper restaurant – around 10 euros, Cappuccino – around 1.8 euros, bottle of water – around 1.15 euros, liter of milk – around 0.84 euros, 12 eggs – around 2.34 euros. In the case of public transportation, a local ticket costs around 1.40 euros. If you decide to drive a car, you will pay around 1.74 euros per liter of gasoline.

Numerous Tourist Attractions and More Mijas is one of the admired “pueblo blancos” – white towns that are one of the most characteristic elements of the landscape of this part of Spain. There are wonderful places to visit here situated among picturesque streets, such as the San Sebastian church or the chapel carved into the rock – Ermita de la Virgen de la Pena. It is also a real paradise for lovers of splendor and prestige. In the city, we have access to perfectly prepared golf courses, exclusive boutiques, or Plazy de Torros – the famous bullfighting arena. Mijas is a place where we can spend quality time with children. It is enough to mention the Mayan Monkey chocolate factory, where every sweet tooth will find something they love, or the huge water park Parque Aguatico.

Delicious Cuisine

The town is known for its hospitality and kindness – it is one of the most popular places visited by tourists. We can spend evenings in one of the many pubs serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Here we can find both sophisticated dishes such as pork leg with porcini cream or roasted lamb in honey sauce with sugar cane and lemon, as well as traditional tapas or Peras desserts with ice cream and hot vanilla sauce. We can diversify our wide selection of dishes with sherry wines, which have gained popularity not only in the country but also abroad.

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