Comprehensive Analysis of the Costa Blanca Real Estate Market in 2024

The Costa Blanca real estate market continues to showcase robust growth and international appeal, drawing significant attention from both domestic and international buyers. In this article, we provide a detailed analysis of the market trends, price movements, and foreign investment patterns. Observed in the third quarter of 2023, projecting the implications for 2024

Market Overview and Sales Volume

In the third quarter of 2023, Costa Blanca recorded a total of 20,958 home sales, maintaining a steady 16.41% share of the total Spanish property market. This figure highlights Costa Blanca’s significant role in the national real estate scene, driven by its appealing climate, strategic location, and vibrant lifestyle offerings.

Foreign Investment Dynamics

A remarkable 44.43% of properties in Costa Blanca were purchased by international buyers, showcasing the region’s global allure. The leading nationalities contributing to this vibrant market include:

  • British: 9.8% of purchases
  • Germans: 7.32%
  • French: 6.06%
  • Belgians: 5.57%
  • Moroccans: 5.5%

These statistics underscore the diverse and dynamic nature of the market, appealing to a wide range of cultural backgrounds and investment motivations.

Costa Blanca Foreign Investment Graph

The market has seen varied price movements, with new builds in Costa Blanca experiencing a price increase of 4.8%, while existing homes saw a more modest rise. This indicates a strong preference for new, modern properties among buyers. Economic stability, marked by positive employment trends and business growth in Spain, continues to bolster the real estate sector, providing a conducive environment for investments.

Costa Blanca Price Trends

Regional Specifics

The province of Alicante, a key area within Costa Blanca, saw significant sales activity with 10,652 homes sold in Q3 2023. This reflects the high demand in areas known for their quality of life and investment potential. Additionally, the broader Comunidad Valenciana, encompassing both Alicante and Valencia, is noted for its high demand for luxury and quality homes.

Alicante Region Property Sales


Looking ahead to 2024, the Costa Blanca real estate market is poised for continued growth. The region’s ability to attract a substantial proportion of foreign investors combined with strong economic indicators and a preference for high-quality, new build properties suggests a promising future for both residential and investment purposes.

Investment Opportunities

For potential investors and homebuyers, Costa Blanca offers a range of opportunities, from luxury seaside villas to modern urban apartments. The diversity of the market ensures that there are options to suit various preferences and investment scales.

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Reference This article is based on data and insights from the Q4 2023 report by nardia real estate agency. To explore further details and keep abreast of the latest trends, visit nardia real estate agency’s official website.

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